QSL Card Log Data Info

Frequently asked questions

1. Can comments from the logs be printed on the QSL cards?
You can decide whether the comments should be printed on the cards.

2. If more than 1 QSO is to be printed there, does each data line get a comment line?
If there is more than one QSO, the respective comment lines are also printed on it. First the QSO line and underneath the comment line.


Take advantage of our offer, in which we immediately add your log data to your QSL card and then automatically forward it to the printing company. Simply upload your log data during the ordering process. This is a service that saves you a lot of work since several log files can be managed. The individual design is done during the ordering process.

You can:

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If you decide to use the QSL card with log, please click here while logged in: QSL Card with Log