Custom images

You are welcome to upload your own images in JPG and PNG format to create your designs with them. To drag an image across the entire surface, the image must meet the following criteria:

Resolution: 300 dpi
Dimensions: 144 mm x 94 mm minimum

This corresponds approximately to a width of 1700 pixels and a height of 1110 pixels.

Anyone who has ever created layouts for printed matter knows that the colors on the monitor or in the print file usually look different than in the later printed product. To keep the deviation as small as possible, the printing industry usually uses standardized color profiles for the various printing processes.

You can create your image in SRGB or CMYK. You can download the appropriate color profiles here:

SRGB: eciRGB_v2

You already see your new QSL card in your mind's eye, but you are not familiar with the interaction of image resolution, cropping and color profile? Book our layout service for professional assistance in creating your card. Go here for layout service.