Card Credits

Card Credits


For our "QSL CARD LOG DATA" service, you must first load the corresponding card credit onto your account with us. This gives you the full flexibility to print small data sets, e.g. with QSO numbers in the two-digit range, as well as larger data sets, which can often occur with full-grown DXpeditions.

Quantity Price Final price*
500 79,00 €
1000 99,00 €
2000 169,00 €
3000 249,90 €
4000 314,00 €
5000 389,00 €
10000 759,00 €

Shipping time: 1 workdays

You can easily top up your personal card balance on this page. There is a minimum purchase of 500 units and you can easily increase the purchase interval in steps of 500. With the help of your personal card credit you can have smaller log data records printed on your QSL cards or larger ones, which can occur after a corresponding radio activity.